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Would you take in a stranger?

July 3rd, 2017

Airing in a week of programmes on Channel 4 and More 4 that explore issues of housing and homelessness, Nightstop is featured in a brand new documentary on Tuesday 11th July at 10pm. The programme follows three young people in very different circumstances who have come to Nightstop in need of emergency accommodation.

Kieran is a 17-year-old boy at college who has fallen out with his family. With exams to contend with and no experience of sleeping away from home, the Nightstop workers know he must find somewhere safe to stay that evening.

Dandi, 21 has been using Nightstop on and off for three years due to a tricky relationship with her mum. She comes across as so smiley and well-presented that in the past youth workers haven’t always believed her when she has told them she’s homeless.

Paul is 25 and nearing the end of his time with Nightstop, time is running out to find him a long-term solution.

Would you take in a stranger, explores their journeys and their experiences with Nightstop hosts - ordinary volunteers who offer their spare room to someone in need.

Watch the programme to hear their stories at 10pm, on Tuesday 11th July on More 4. #takeinastranger


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