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A UK model delivered in Canada

June 16th, 2017

Tehsin Jaffer, who oversees Nightstop at 360 Kids in Ontario, has shared her experience of establishing a brand new approach to youth homelessness in Canada.

"Starting up the Nightstop Program in Canada has been quite an eventful journey. The concept of Nightstop is a new way to view preventative programming for our region in Canada and consequently has received an influx of media attention and community support.  

On March 15th this year we celebrated our first graduation with 5 host households and added another 4 graduates the following month. Some of the challenges we’ve faced have been new to Nightstop as we discuss with the UK these encounters, such as swimming pools in backyards – apparently not a challenge in England! One thing that hasn’t changed though is the clear need for the program and the appreciation for it from youth within the community.

Recently, we placed a 16-year old student from a rural town in York Region, Ontario who was forced to leave her home due to family conflict.  Despite efforts to reintegrate back into the home, family conflict resulted in her being not welcomed. She had been sleeping at a friend’s house and was concerned she was overstaying her welcome. She was open to finding a safe and local housing option. Enter Nightstop.

After her first night with the hosts, she texted the Nightstop worker to say “I had an amazing night.  The hosts are awesome! I felt safe, comfortable and cared for. I can’t even put words to it” Since then, she has stayed with this family for a total of 10 bednights and now refers to the placement as “home.”

As we grow the Nightstop program in Canada, we are continuously being challenged with new situations and are grateful for the support of Depaul UK to guide us on this journey. As the first internationally accredited organization and the first Nightstop provider in North America, 360°kids in partnership with the United Way of Toronto and York Region will evaluate the program’s success in hopes to scale it across Canada, making us one step closer to ending youth homelessness across the nation….and making Nightstop one step closer to world domination!" 

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