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Ruby's story

Ruby's Story

Ruby's relationship with her mum was up and down from the time she was 16 years old. Looking back she doesn't blame her mum. "I was difficult and started drinking alcohol and messing about with my friends.  I had my own problems and I was very conscious of how I looked, I also had anxiety and depression." 

When Ruby was 18 years old her mum asked her to leave home for the second time. On the first occasion she had gone to live with her auntie but the second time she moved in with her boyfriend who was staying with his friend. After a few weeks Ruby was asked to leave. She had nowhere to go, her mum wouldn't take her back and her auntie's house had become overcrowded. 

Ruby had no choice but to go to the local council homeless department. The worker at the council told her about Nightstop, she said Ruby would be able to stay with a host family. A support worker took Ruby to her Nightstop accommodation where she was introduced to an older couple she was going to stay with. 

"I had never felt so welcome, I was shown my room, there were toiletries and nightwear left for me on the bed. I had a shower and I had proper hot food. I felt safe and had a good night's sleep. I left in the morning after breakfast. The next night I stayed with another family, and I stayed with them until my supported lodgings accommodation was available."

"Nightstop is really good and the people that open their homes to young people should be given awards!"  

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