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Put your hands up for our volunteers!

June 4th, 2018

We’re really excited that it’s volunteers' week because it gives all of us at Nightstop UK the chance to celebrate our wonderful volunteers up and down the UK (and those in Canada too!). Nightstop, which places young people in need of emergency accommodation with trained and vetted volunteers, is a service driven by the kindness of others. Whether you are a driver, a chaperone, a host or have another vital role, you’re the reason that we found a safe bed for a young person to stay the night over 11,000 times last year.


This week is about appreciating the huge range of Nightstop volunteers that give their time in so many ways. Our chaperones and drivers make young people feel comfortable getting to a Nightstop placement. Our hosts make young people feel welcomed and provide much more than just a spare room, a hot meal and a place to wash. And some volunteers give invaluable help in the office or by promoting Nightstop in their local community.

Nightstop hosts and guest catch up with a cup of tea

It’s fascinating to spend time in the company of a host, driver or chaperone and hear their collection of stories about the young people they have met. One host told us that her family have met people from all over the world. “We’ve looked up on a globe, where does this person come from? I think the girls have greatly benefited and as a whole family we have too”. Another host told us of the interesting requests she had received over the years, from a guest who wanted ham sandwiches for dinner to a guest who turned up with a half-cooked meal in a saucepan! But there’s one thing that we always hear when we speak to hosts, and that’s how glad they are to have supported young people to change their lives for the better. “I don’t think you’ll ever regret it. If you’re interested in people and concerned about their problems, then it’s the right thing to do.”


Volunteers celebrate Nightstop UK’s 30th Birthday

Joseph Addison once said that “no one is more cherished in this world than someone who lightens the burden of another”. We want to take this time to thank our volunteers for the work they do to lighten the burned of young people in need. If you want to join our volunteering team and help provide support in your local area then please get in touch. And from all of us at Nightstop UK, we salute you!

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