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Nightstop Nottinghamshire County


Nottinghamshire County Nightstop places young people who have nowhere to stay in trained volunteers' spare rooms.

Young people receive a private room, a warm meal and somewhere safe to stay for the night, while we look for a more permanent solution.

Nightstop in Nottinghamshire County is delivered by Homegroup - a housing association.


Local Information

We offer two services specifically for young people in Nottinghamshire: Nightstop for short-term emergency accommodation and Supported Lodgings for longer-term accommodation of up to two years.

Both services provide young people with a roof over their head, giving them the opportunity to manage any short-term issues, such as a breakdown in family relationships, or to work towards longer-term goals for independent living.

If you need somewhere to stay tonight, please email  or call 01623 659051 between 9am and 5.00pm, from Monday to Friday.


Telephone: 01623 659051

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    106 Nottingham Rd


    NG18 1BP

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