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Nightstop Impact Report 2017

April 24th, 2018

Every year Nightstop UK releases an Impact Report, telling the stories of our volunteer hosts and young people through case studies and statistics. We believe that this combination of hard facts and heartfelt stories is the best way to share the impact that Nightstop has around the UK.

Our 2017 report paints an encouraging picture; 33 Nightstop services were operational last year, and they covered 31 percent of the UK, from Edinburgh to Exeter; 542 households generously opened up their homes to young people in need, and another 281 people volunteered in another capacity.

That allowed us to host a 1,403 people, who stayed with Nightstop for an average of eight nights. We had positive outcomes for 68 percent of the people who stayed with Nightstop, showing that the model is one that produces great results.

We celebrated 30 years of Nightstop in 2017. Since 1987, the service has grown from one, small, volunteer-run organisation to a UK-wide network of services, hosts and drivers. For three decades now, the simple idea at the heart of Nightstop has been changing lives   – but that doesn’t mean we’re stuck in our ways.

Last year we tackled  innovations like Nightstop for older adults, and we are developing a version of the scheme designed for parents with babies. Our adult Nightstop service supported 28 people last year, allowing us to reach a new audience and more vulnerable people than ever.

Unfortunately it’s not all good news. In 2017 our network had to turn away 205 young people in need, because there weren’t enough hosts available. That’s what makes hosts like Jeannine and Steven so important.

Jeannine said: “One time, life was a bit tough and we just thought ‘Shall we still have someone for the weekend?’ and we weren’t sure because we felt really tired. But then we got someone, a guy who was really lovely. We didn’t see him again.

“Then a few weeks later we were sitting on a train and there was this young man stepping on and I said: ‘Oh, I think we know him! He was the one [who’d stayed].’

“He approached us and he was just beaming. He said: ‘I just want to thank you so much for what you did.’

“He shook our hands and he made a speech about how his life changed. How he found a job and a place to stay, and how he never thought that this was going to happen. He’d found Nightstop [and] his whole life turned around. He just came from this really sad place into a new life and he was such a different man.”


  • Download the full report below, or click here to find out more about the Nightstop services in your area and how you could get involved as a volunteer.

Nightstop 2017 Impact Report

  • Nightstop 2017 Impact Report

    Read about the impact of the Nightstop network in 2017


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