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Citizens Do – The biggest action yet

July 10th, 2018

For several weeks, the guys behind Cardboard Citizens have been asking the public to take action on homelessness. Their #CitizensDo initiative was inspired by suggestions by audience members, and challenges us to take action each week.

Previous actions have included everything from buying a copy of the Big Issue to making contact with a local MP.

This week the project has asked participants to take the biggest step yet – offering their spare room to a young person at risk of homelessness through Nightstop UK.

Those who aren’t able to host have been asked to share information about hosting schemes like Nightstop with their friends and family, and to encourage others to host.

Associate Director of Prevention at Depaul UK Nicola Harwood said: “Nightstop plugs an important gap – providing a safe and friendly place to stay for young people in an emergency. Where Nightstop doesn’t exist, these vulnerable people could find themselves in unsuitable accommodation or staying in unsafe places where they’re at greater risk of harm.

“In 2017 we were able to host 1,403 young people, but unfortunately there were people we had to turn away. We hope that this action with CitizensDo will help us to reach more people with a spare bedroom who can make a practical difference in the lives of young people.

“By offering a safety net, we want to prevent young people from rough sleeping, and ensure that one stroke of bad luck doesn’t affect their whole life.”


A request from Cardboard Citizens:

These are urgent times; we need you to spread the word.

Whatever actions you take across the next few weeks, please share them using #CitizensDo, or by posting on our forum page. You may think your single action is small or insignificant but it's not! Lots of small actions equal one BIG action, and by telling people about what you've done, you will inspire others. 

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