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Callum's story

Callum's Story

"I’d grown up through the care system, and when I got to the age of 18 I thought I was doing the right thing by getting into work.

"Unfortunately the flat I lived in, which was owned by a local authority, I could no longer afford. So I decided to take my job over where I was living, which wasn’t the best option. I ended up staying at mates' houses because I had nowhere to stay, then became a bit unstuck and Nightstop stepped in and helped me.

"[I'd ended up in the care system] Through no fault of my own. It was down to my parents. I was a young boy at the time, I had troubles going on and my parents couldn’t handle it. So that’s why I went into care.

"As you go through the care system you get given everything on a plate and it’s quite unrealistic compared to what it's like in real life, so when you do leave at the age of 18, you come unstuck. You don’t get any money for clothing, toiletries.

"That sends a lot of people into quite a depressive mode. They then look to other things like drugs, alcohol… they might end up on the streets.

"My life at the moment is quite good, quite stable. I’ve got a flat through Depaul UK [the youth homelessness charity which oversees Nightstop UK]. My goal is to carry on improving in my maths and english and eventually pass my driving test when I can get the money for that.

"Then eventually become a full-time fire fighter in Greater Manchester."

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