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Our History

We believe that no young person should sleep in an unsafe place, no matter where they are in the country. That's what gets us out of bed every day and keeps us doing what we do.

The first Nightstop opened in 1987 in Leeds and there's now a network of more than 30 Nightstops around the UK. The Nightstop network is led by Depaul UK, which is responsible for the strategy, quality and development of Nightstop services. To make sure the Nightstop network delivers a safe, high quality service to young people and volunteers, Depaul UK quality assesses each service every two years and provides ongoing support and development.

Nightstop wants to reach as many young people as possible and provide them with a safe place to sleep. To do this, we collaborate with other organisations. We take the proven Nightstop model, which has worked for over 30 years, and share it with the best community-rooted organisation in the area to replicate the service. These range from small, local community organisations to large national charities, like the YMCA or Barnardos. If you're interested in setting up a Nightstop in your area, please get in touch.

It's important to us that we remain in touch and hands on with delivering the Nightstop service, so we deliver several Nightstop services ourselves. By doing this, we can test out new ideas and find ways to keep improving and developing the model. It also helps that we know what we're talking about when supporting other organisations!

We believe the community is the answer to youth homelessness. By working with in communities, we will ensure that no young person sleeps in an unsafe place ever again.

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