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About Us

Nightstop provides emergency overnight accommodation for young homeless people who are facing the night on the streets or sleeping in unsafe places.

Communities and charities run Nightstops in 30 locations around the UK, led and supported by the Nightstop team at Depaul UK.

At Nightstop, we believe that no young person should sleep rough or have to spend the night in an unsafe place. Nightstop is a unique project which relies on community hosting to provide a safe, welcoming place for young people in crisis. Volunteer hosts, ordinary members of the community, open their homes to young people aged from 16 to 25 years, offering:

  • A private spare room
  • A hot meal
  • A shower
  • Laundry facilities
  • A listening ear

In 2016, our 610 volunteer homes helped provide 12,134 nights of safety to over 1,390 young people.

Nightstop offers young people that place of safety in 30 towns and cities around the UK. Find your nearest Nightstop here. 

Nightstop relies on the generous support of volunteers and donors. If you'd like to make a donation or get involved then click here. 



The Depaul Box Company

Do you want to help homeless young people but don't know where to start? If you are moving house or putting stuff in storage, use the Depaul Box Company! Instead of just relying on donations, the Depaul Box Company is our way to raise funds for our work while supplying you with boxes when you need them. Our boxes look, cost and work exactly the same as all the others out there. The only difference is ours do lots of good. By simply using a box you can help make sure a young person doesn’t have to sleep on one.


Check out The Depaul Box Co

Nightstop UK

Nightstop helps homeless young people find a safe place to stay, one night at a time. Communities and charities run Nightstops in 33 locations around the UK, giving nearly 1,700 young people a year a bed for the night.

Depaul UK coordinates the Nightstop Network and runs Nightstops in London, the North East, the North West and Cumbria.

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