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5 Things You Didn't Know About Nightstop

September 6th, 2017

If you’re new to Nightstop then it might just be the best charity project that you’ve never heard of.

It’s a service which provides emergency accommodation to young people at risk of homelessness by placing them in the spare room of trained and vetted volunteers. Everyday members of the public who have a spare room in their home and who want to make a difference to a young person who may otherwise have to sleep in unsafe places.

But if Nightstop is a service that you know and love, then here’s 5 surprising things you might not have heard before:

1. Nightstop is Celebrating its Big 3-0


That's right, get your party hats ready, blow up those balloons and help us to celebrate...Nightstop turned 30 in October 2017!

The first ever Nightstop was launched in Leeds way back in 1987. Since then Nightstop has gone from strengh-to-strength and now has 33 services across the UK. From Bristol, to Brighton, Norfolk to Newcastle, Gloucestershire to Glasgow, chances are there is a Nightstop near you! In fact, you can find your nearest Nightstop here.

2. You Don’t Need a Spare Room to be a Nightstop Volunteer


Nightstop has 610 incredible volunteer hosts. Ordinary people who offer their spare rooms to young homeless people facing a night on the streets. So if you love Nightstop but you haven’t got a spare room there’s absolutely nothing you can do to help right...?


Nightstop relies on over 300 additional volunteers across the country who give their time to support their local Nightstop in other ways. Nightstop relies just as much on it’s army of amazing chaperones, drivers, mentors and office volunteers as it does its fantastic hosts.

This week we’d like to shine a light on our incredible chaperones and drivers who play a vital role in Nightstop services across the UK.

Once a young person is placed in a hosts’ home chaperones are the people who help them to get there quickly and safely. But chaperones and drivers are more than just transport. The idea of staying in a stranger’s home can be daunting to a young person and far too often they make it to a host’s home and don't ring the doorbell.

Volunteer chaperones help to reduce those worries and provide a stress-free experience for young people who are often vulnerable and exhausted, sometimes having spent the previous night wandering the streets or in an unsafe environment. Our friendly chaperones and drivers sort out the directions to the hosts house, then either drive the young person or accompany them as a chaperone on public transport. They then help to break the ice and introduce the young person to their host.

We currently need more superstar chaperones across the country. If you’d like to find out more about volunteering then we’d love to hear from you.

3. Just £15 Can Help us to Keep a Young Person Safe

That’s right. The basic cost for a young person to stay for one night in the home of a volunteer Nightstop host is just £15.  To put this into perspective, here’s what £15 could buy you tonight:

• A cinema ticket and a small popcorn.
• A takeaway pizza
• A round of drinks for your friends

£15 is not much to many of us but it can help to provide a young homeless person with a warm, safe place to stay, a hot meal and washing facilities.

If you would like to support Nightstop by making a donation of any size then click here.

4. Nightstop Has Some Great Celebrity Supporters


Our wonderful supporters and staff make Nightstop the amazing project it is today so it's no surprise that we've attracted some great celebrity admirers over the years.

Sir Trevor Macdonald is President of Depaul UK and an avid supporter of tackling youth homelessness and Nightstop UK. He has spoken passionately about the dangers of sofa surfing and homelessness and how projects like Nightstop can change lives, stating: "Services such as Nightstop can make a big difference to turning lives around."

Legendary grand slam winning South African golfer Gary Player is also a great supporter of Depaul UK and Nightstop. The Berenberg Gary Player Invitational celebrity golf event is a celebration of 'Golf and Giving' which has raised over £350,000 for charities across the world. The 2017 event helped to fund the new Nightstop UK and Depaul UK headquarters in London.  

Mr Player visited the centre in July 2017 and chatted with young people whilst also giving the team a golfing masterclass. Between puts he commented: “Depaul is a wonderful charity doing a very important job in tackling homelessness in the UK and we are proud to partner with them and to extend their outreach to disadvantaged youth.”

Radio 2 DJ Sara Cox is also another famous face who was happy to help Nightstop by presenting a BBC Lifeline Appeal way back in 2011. You can view the inspiring film and find out more about how Nightstop works here.

5. Nightstop is Coming to Manchester!


Manchester has given the world some brilliant things. Emmeline Pankhurst - the mother of Suffragettes, the world’s oldest English library, the splitting of the atom, Coronation Street, The Smiths, Oasis…So we are very proud to announce that Nightstop will soon be part of this amazing city as we open a brand new service in early 2018!

Recent research shows that homelessness in Manchester has risen by 30% and currently 1 in every 633 people in the city are without a permanent home. The need for Nightstop Manchester in the UK's third largest city is therefore stronger than ever and we can’t wait to recruit a whole new team of staff and volunteers to help us support young homeless people in crisis. 

If you’d like to pre-register your interest in volunteering for Nightstop Manchester then we’d love to hear from you.

Watch This Space!

We hope you enjoyed taking a closer look into the wonderful world of Nightstop. We'll be sharing lots of news and facts over the coming months so watch this space for all things Nightstop!


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